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Baldon Station near Moorundie
How do I know that these shots show the route taken by Sturt and his drays in 1844? Deep research revealed that Baldon Station was also known as The Dust Holes. Sturt could see his 200 sheep grazing on the slopes of Baldon as he descended the hill on his way to Morrundie

The Department of Lands showed me an old, old map that ID'd two properties which had as their northern border, the Road to the Dust extended in a direct ine to Morrundie. Hence, it is not 'rocket science' to draw a line along the marked road at those properties and find how the line meets the track you now see. Hence, that shot of the slope is of the exact site those drays came down. Now, it may not look to be steep, but it must be because the drays had to have extra Bullock attached in order to prevent them from taking off down the hill. It is fascinating to stand at that site and see those drays coming down and hear all of the shouting and goings on. And I was really pleased to find some sheep grazing on the slopes just above Baldon.

1844 Road to Moorunde opposite Sturts descent hill 1.3klm from Baldon 1844 Road to Moorunde - Opposite descent hill -1.3klm from Baldon
1844 Road to Moorunde opposite Sturts descent hill 1.3klm from Baldon Baldon Station, The Dust Hole, Station of early 1840 era
1844 Sturts Expedition descended the hills at this point on the way to Moorundie As Sturt descended the hills in 1844 he saw his 200 sheep grazing at Dust Hole Station, Baldon